Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poncho Villa!

(This post was originally published on WordPress, Oct. 2009)
Are vintage ponchos making a comeback? My fingers are crossed. (Okay, maybe “comeback” is overly optimistic. Unless the Olsen Twins start parading about in fringey ponchos, the part-blanket-part-sweater 70s throwback isn’t exactly a shoe-in for the next trend. But I can dream, right?)

Poncho look from

If you want to jump on the poncho band wagon, here’s a great place to start: The vintage coffers of Rusty Zippper, which offers ’60s, ’70s and ’80s models, raging from woolen wovens to cobweby crochets.

Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes in a 2009 concert; photo by

Vintage Trends includes 52 (count ‘em!) ponchos for purchase and on Monster Vintage a vintage fanatic can find everything from the psychedelic-bright Nordic patterns to a black and grey number with an elk motif.

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